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What are the dates of BACI 2023?

BACI 2023 will take place from March 24 to 28 in Milan.

On March 24 and 25 there will be the Large Balloon Sculpture Competition.

March 26 will be the day of the CBA exam, other competitions and the opening ceremony. On Sunday also will begin the Decór Teams work - opening and gala evening(click and find out how to be a part of it!).

March 27 and 28 there will be classroom training days with our international teachers. Don't forget the Gala evening on Monday, the 27th with the awards ceremony!

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Where does BACI 2023 take place?

BACI 2023 will take place in Milan, Italy, in two locations:

  • SUPERSTUDIO, 27 Tortona Street, where the Great Sculpture competition and gala dinner will take place;
  • NHOW Hotel, 35 Tortona Street, which will host classes, the CBA exam, other competitions and the inauguration.
Where can I stay?

BACI has two affiliated hotels at your disposal:

  • Nhow Hotel, one of the event venues, 4 stars with breakfast included;
  • Hotel des Etrangers, on Sirte Street, a one-km walking from the event, 3 stars with breakfast included.

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What is the cost of BACI 2023?

You can buy one from these three different packages available:

  • BACI DELUXE, 5-day event € 700 vat included;
  • BACI PREMIUM, 3-day event € 650 vat included;
  • BACI SMART, 2-day event € 600 vat included.

Click here and find out what's included! Remember: the prices you see are VAT INCLUDED!

All costs incurred for training courses are fully tax deductible.

BACI registration is not refundable and is open only up to 18 years. Company or VAT number required.

Let's talk about the Decor Team

The Decòr Team is a team composed by delegates of BACI who decide to work together with our assigned captains to create the arrangements for the Gala and Opening Night.

This year there will be two special teams:

  • Opening Decòr Team, 15 people maximum, who will work all the day long on Sunday, March 26, together with Andrea Papolino CBA to set up the opening;
  • Gala Decòr Team, 20 people maximum, who will work together with Alberto Falcone CBA to set up the Gala evening on Sunday, March 26 and Monday, March 27.

You cannot be part of both teams at the same time. If you are interested in joining one of those two please write to to receive the exclusive link!

How do you register for BACI? What about classes?

To register for BACI you must purchase - by clicking on "add to cart" - one of the available packages, also adding the competitions - for free - you wish to participate.

A person can purchase only one package, no cumulative purchases can be made, each delegate will have to sign up individually.

Registration will be valid only after payment confirmation; after the payment you will receive a login to customize your choice of classes as soon as the class day schedules are online.

What is the theme of the Large Sculpture Competition?

The 2023 theme of Great Sculptures is. "Something epic: extraordinary events in world history.". If you are entered in the competition as a captain and need to better understand the theme, you can think about any event that has impressed you: a sporting event, a grand battle, a coronation, the discovery of new worlds or the wonders of art and architecture. In short, any event that you think changed the course of history!

For further clarification write an email to art director Federico Onida with the subject line "competition information BACI"

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