Zoe Adams Jones, CBA




Lecture - Level FOR ALL

Styling is an art that goes beyond making something "look pretty". It is a narrative, an explanation of how a space or event is used to create an emotive message or response. The way a space is styled and presented will completely change the feeling and message that's conveyed. The influence of social media has increased customer expectations for beautifully styled events and settings. In this class, we work through Styling Essentials which will help you to create settings that spark an emotional connection for those attending events or celebrations. Styling Services range from smaller settings all the way through to larger events. In this class we concentrate on smaller settings - Understanding the styling process to create visual impact when styling an event or scene  
- Applying the Principles and Elements of Design  
- Creating your own individual style  
- Creating a Mood Board for your customers usingm Canva  
- Using different mediums including Balloons, Flowers & Props to create a styled scene.  
We will use the inspiring illustrations of Megan Hess to create a scene that embodies the fashion influences of Italy. The design is finalised closer to the time of the class to ensure it is current.


Lecture - Level FOR ALL

This is a ground-breaking time to be in business! Every-day people now have access to the same fundamental tools and the same potential reach as any media outlet. In this class, Zoe asks a lot of thought provoking questions that encourage the delegates to take a self-reflective look at their branding and online persona. Given that 80% of consumers rely on social media to make their purchasing decisions, we need to ask ourselves... How are we communicating with them and are you meeting your market? Do your customers want to be 'friends' with your business? Does your branding make your customers feel like they NEED your services? 
BRANDING CONSISTENCY We look at the importance of consistency of branding and how to achieve this. We also talk about what branding says about you and your business and the value of brand authenticity. 
BE YOURSELF, BE REAL Next we talk about connecting with your customers – what creates connection online and helps you to maintain and nurture relationships and how to create content that sparks conversation. How to show your true self, why customers want to get to know you and how this converts to sales and revenue. 
PROFILE Discover ideas on how to develop connection on social media and the importance of being authentic. You will take away lots of practical ideas for developing content for your social media profiles.


Lecture - Level FOR ALL

Are your graphics and images an extension of your business? Do they represent the love, passion, creativity and dedication you have for creating amazing décor and balloons for your customers? Do they represent the quality of your work? In this class we use the design from the previous Styling Essentials Class. We talk about what inspires my designs, what I use to find ideas and form my designs and we create a vision board for the design we are creating using Canva.com. Using only our phones, we will then take photos of our creation, giving you tips and tricks along the way on how to get great photos. Then we work through the top tips for editing your photos using apps on your phone or tablet. To finish off, we create a post using Canva.com, personalise it to create engagement and add branding.